‘Ilio Dentals™ Introduces Teeth Treat™ for Dogs, Made In U.S.A.

June 15, 2016

‘Ilio Dentals™ Introduces Teeth Treat™ for Dogs, Made In U.S.A.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

HONOLULU—iliodentals.com — ‘Ilio Dentals, Hawaii pet product producer of Hawaii’s number-one selling dental dog treat, Gumbone, today announced that the treat has a new name and just got better from the inside out. Now ‘Ilio Dentals’ Teeth Treat™, the dental dog treat that freshens breath and assists in reducing tartar build up and chance of gum disease, is made of quality, easy-to-digest ingredients and does not contain wheat, corn, soy or gluten that can lead to allergic reactions. Trial size bags of Teeth Treat™ will be on special from Oct. 13-19 at select Long’s for only $2.99.

“This isn’t just a treat, there’s a lot of science behind it,” explained David Pang, ‘Ilio Dentals partner. “Other products on the market focus primarily on the teeth cleaning, but neglect to address the digestibility of the treat. We use only quality ingredients to ensure the highest level of digestion.” The treats are semi-hard, with toothbrush-like nubs designed for grip and to break off easily, encouraging prolonged chewing, which can reduce the incidence of gulping and choking and can ultimately clean the dog’s teeth and massage its gums.

‘Ilio Dentals has been testing their product with vets since 2010, honing the formula. Teeth Treat™ is available nationwide at Amazon.com and DigItPet.com and will be launching in select Hawaii Long’s Drugs, Don Quixote, Walgreen’s and pet specialty locations this month.

“We want to provide value as well as benefits as we bring Teeth Treat™ to the market,” added Pang. “Pet owners shouldn’t have to break the bank to keep their dog’s teeth healthy. Our price point is lower than other dental products, so owners now can afford to give their dog the very best every day.”



Teeth Treat™ is a dental chew that can reduce tartar on teeth and freshen breath in dogs. Developed in Hawaii by Honolulu pet products company ‘Ilio Dentals, Teeth Treat™ has a taste dogs love and a price point their owners adore. ‘Ilio (which means dog in Hawaiian) Dentals are committed to providing your pet with the very best treats and supplements available. Just like the Ancient Hawaiians whose trustworthy dogs accompanied their masters on ocean voyages thousands of miles across the Pacific Ocean, ‘Ilio Dentals strives for the best science to help your pet live a healthy, happy life. For more information about Teeth Treat visit iliodentals.com, LIKE us on Facebook at Ilio Dentals or follow us on Twitter @IlioDentals.

#### FOR MEDIA ONLY: For an interview with Dave Pang or digital images of Teeth Treat, please contact Jennifer Pang at (808) 371-2882 or jpang@pangcomm.com or Tiffany Foyle at (808) 292-0867 or tiffany@pangcomm.com.

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