Hawaii’s number-one selling dental dog treat, Teeth Treat™, is the dental dog treat that freshens breath and assists in reducing tartar build up and chance of gum disease. Teeth Treat™ is made with high-quality, easy-to-digest ingredients and does not contain wheat, corn, soy or gluten that can lead to allergic reactions.

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Ilio Dentals Teeth Treat™ is a fully digestible dental treat that took over two years to develop. With the help of several international and US veterinarians, Teeth Treat™ resolves many of the issues most current dental treats don’t address.

70-80% of all dogs develop some sort of periodontal disease by the age of three. Plaque surrounding the teeth could allow bacteria to enter the blood. Since the arteries around the teeth lead directly to the heart, this may result in a bacterial infection in the heart and liver.

We only use the highest grade of ingredients for our furry friends. Our new formulation includes chicken and fish as the protein sources (no gluten or protein substitute). Dog’s love meat much more than any grain.

The texture of the product encourages your dog to chew the treat thoroughly without it breaking.

To properly understand this you have to first understand how dogs eat. For years people thought dogs would just take a large bite of something then swallow it. After two years of observing eating patterns, we discovered this was wrong. Dogs typically bite what they need to, to get a good grip, and to break a piece for them to eat. Now, if they have a difficult time getting hold of a product, they will continually try to get a larger piece until they can get hold of the product. At this time, they will clamp down and break a piece. If the piece is small enough, they will swallow it. If it is too large, they will try to turn it and continue chewing until it is small enough to swallow. Ilio Dentals Teeth Treat™ patent pending design tackles this in several ways. 1. The tapered head allows the dog to have an easier time starting the chewing process. 2. The nubs on the head of the bone gives “channels” that allow their teeth a place to grip the treat. 3. The nubs also slow down the gulping reflex by stimulating the inside of the dogs cheek when it breaks apart from the head of the Ilio DentalsTeeth Treat™ (think of yourself using your tongue to fish something from the corner of your mouth). Now do that and try to swallow, it is physically impossible when your tongue is extended. This is how we get your dogs to chew.

*No one can guarantee all dogs will chew.

The cost of the average dog teeth cleaning at the Vet’s is about $150. Many owners can’t afford the cost. A good dental treat is a viable supplement to a full service teeth cleaning from the Vet. One problem is that the cost of dental treats has gotten so expensive that many owners are not feeding the recommended size or amount to properly clean the teeth. Ilio Dentals Teeth Treats™ was designed to be affordable to enable owners to give them daily. They are typically between 30-40% less at retail than other dental treats.

Taste, Taste, Taste. The formulation we have created drives the dogs crazy. Once dogs try them, they will crave them. This makes daily cleaning your dog’s teeth a breeze.

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Original sales receipt must accompany returns.We accept returns for exchange or refund 7 calendar days after delivery of the product. At our sole discretion after 7 calendar days, we will offer an exchange or store credit only. Items must be in "new, unaltered and unused condition".

Definition of new, unaltered and unused condition is:
• without showing signs of wear or damage in any way
• within 7 calendar days of the delivery date (after 7 days no returns are allowed)
• must not be a special order or a custom order
• unless noted that it cannot be returned or has a different return policy time period other than that 7 days noted in that item's particular item description.

If an item is received damaged or is incorrectly shipped by us please contact Customer Support immediately. Items that are defective and shipped from us or items that you did not order but received from us will qualify for store credit or a cash refund.
Refunds are contingent upon inspection of item(s) once we receive it.

There is a 15% restocking fee for returned items that are not being exchanged and are not damaged. Again you MUST contact us within 7 days if you intend to return ANY item sent from our store. Items returned to us AFTER 7 days and WITHOUT contacting us, will NOT be refunded.

Customer is responsible for all shipping costs if seller is not at fault.

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